Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Walking, the magic bullet.

Finding a great doctor is a rare and wonderful thing. When my father had his first stroke, he was lucky to have a really great doctor as part of his health team. One of the things that she said that has stuck with us all ever since was that walking is the "magic bullet".

She said that walking was so beneficial that it should really be made a priority to get in at least 30 mins a day. As one who has always enjoyed walking and tried to walk daily, hearing this was just a reinforcement.

So when this video sprung up and confirmed all the amazing things that walking can do for you, I knew that I would have to share it. This video is well worth the watch, it explains how much walking can help improve health. It was really surprising to hear some of the stats!

Is a daily walk part of your healthy lifestyle plan? Do you enjoy walking?